Simply SVG released in the Unity Asset Store!

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Simplify your workflow when using vector graphics. Simply SVG lets you import your SVG documents straight into your Unity project. Start enjoying all the benefits of vector graphics in your game.


Main Features:

  • Use Vector graphics in Unity effortlessly, just Drag’n’n Drop
  • Full cross platform support
  • Automatically generated and optimized colliders
  • Frame by frame animation
  • Unity UI supported (5.2 or newer)
  • Opaque and Transparent rendering
  • Level of detail, custom pivot points and import scaling
  • Smart SVG asset handling
  • Beautiful rendering with other objects even in 3D space
  • Render Sorter utility

Package Includes:

  • Fun example scene with a driving game
  • Full source code
  • Developer support via forums & e-mail
  • All upcoming updates
  • Adobe Illustrator compatible SVG exporting scripts

SVG standard support:

  • All basic SVG shapes
  • Compound paths (with holes)
  • Stroke and fill (with transparency)
  • Transforms


Requires Unity 4.6 or newer.



Simply SVG comes with an example scene that helps you hit the ground running when transitioning your workflow to using vector images.


Don't sweat! Simply SVG comes with fully customizable collider support.


Simply SVG comes equipped with a Render Sorter Unity component that quickly resolves any render order conflicts in your sweet vector graphics


Use vector art as you would use any other art. Just drag’n’drop and you’re set. Smart asset management retains your SVG file so that you can modify it on the fly.


No more blurry graphics, big textures or scaling problems. Build sizes are smaller and SimplySVG works on any device.


Resolution independent UI and complex hit check ensures your UI works right off the bat like it should.

Get it from the Unity Asset Store!